For exhibitors

Jeweller Expo Ukraine

Dear jewellers, we invite you to take part in Jeweller Expo Ukraine!

This exhibition is for you if:

01 vyrobnyk - For exhibitors

you are a manufacturer of jewellery, watches, interior décor elements, bijouterie and accessories

02 obladnannia - For exhibitors

you sell equipment for jewellery industry, components, master models and packaging

03 kompania - For exhibitors

you are a leading company in the industry or a jeweller-beginner

7 reasons to participate in the exhibition:

  1. Chance to meet your target audience and competitors on the neutral territory.
  2. Opportunity to find out more about your customers and their expectations.
  3. Advertising of your brand and products.
  4. Finding new clients.
  5. Discovering market trends and taking part in market formation.
  6. Establishing contacts with wholesale customers and suppliers.
  7. Chance to form and extend contact database.
04 klientiv - For exhibitors

Ви знайдете
багато нових клієнтів

05 reklama - For exhibitors

Виставка – це найкращий
інструмент реклами

6 otrymaete - For exhibitors

Ви отримаєте
гуртових покупців

Apply for participation and make sure first-hand that Jeweller Expo Ukraine is an essential step for the development of your business!

Take part in the contest and get a prestigious award!

Jeweller Expo Ukraine holds such contests as:
Best Jewellery of the Year (in autumn)
All-Ukrainian Contest of Drafts (in spring)

What are the advantages of participation in the contest?

It is a chance to come into the spotlight, to demonstrate one’s talent and to gain recognition among customers as well as competitors.

Imagine the jury announcing your name, your going to the stage and receiving the desired award. All visitors of the exhibition are interested in your piece of jewellery and want to buy it. You are receiving emails and messages in social networks, since Jeweller Expo Ukraine will certainly do its best in sharing the news about you.

What do you need for it?

It is necessary for you to be a jeweller or a designer, to have a contest work and to fill in the application form➜.

Good luck!

DSC 9099 - For exhibitors


All-Ukrainian Contest of Drafts

Best Jewellery of the Year

zamowyty uchast forma - For exhibitors

Замовити участь

zamowyty uchast forma - For exhibitors

Apply for Participation