The grand project of VIP ZONE has already won appreciation of the visitors and respect of the jewellery society.

VIP ZONE is an exclusive exposition gathering all the best creations of jewellery art. Here, famous jewellery houses and jewellery masters have an opportunity to exhibit their best works deserving special attention.
Each item has its own peculiarity, deep artistic insight. These products can become a part of the most refined jewellery collection.


Exclusivity, originality and unconventionality – these are characteristics of the exposition given to it by those having had a chance to see it.

VIP ZONE is a mini museum, as the works of famous artists fascinate with the artistic filling of the items, this being applicable to either classic or modern, avant-garde, Empire style products.

VIP ZONE’s mission is to familiarize people with high jewellery art and originality.

You can see more photos in Photo gallery section.

Manufacturers of exclusive items are welcome to please the visitors
with their unique products at VIP ZONE.

For more details, please address the exhibition management team:
Tel: +380 44 4619343, +380 50 4464808

The organizer is Kyiv International Contract Fair, Ltd. To apply for participation, call us:
+380 44 4619343 or email us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.